This overview of body worn camera issues for public safety was presented at the annual conference of the Institute for the Prevention of In Custody Death.

The Center for Excellence in Event Reconstruction is the first legal, practitioner, academic and scientific clearinghouse to make a broad range of information about camera based systems in public safety.

Body Worn Cameras: Plan Before Your Office Buys In was recently published in The Sheriff. This is a resource for an agency considering whether to adopt of body worn camera program and what policy considerations to address.

The most comprehensive resource for legal, scientific and medical information, backed by respected, peer-reviewed published research, is available at maintained by Michael Brave. Mr. Brave is a veteran officer, attorney, and he presently serves as chief litigation counsel for TASERĀ® International.

A number of articles and case summaries involving the use of electronic control devices, as well as many general use of force articles, may be found in the vast on-line library of Americans for Effective Law Enforcement.

The Institute for the Prevention of In-Custody Deaths, Inc., presents training about the investigation and prevention of sudden, in-custody deaths. An electronic control device capable of neuromuscular interruption may be a key component in the management of an exited delirium event and the potential prevention of a death. The Institute has a large on-line library of articles.